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WLE School Belief and Mission

West Leesville Elementary



Students will “REACH for their BEST at WEST” to achieve academic, social, and emotional success.


REACH for your BEST at WEST!

Learners Today, Leaders Tomorrow!


  • All students are capable of learning.

  • Academic excellence is expected, supported and rewarded.

  • Students learn in a variety of ways, which requires using a variety of teaching strategies to accommodate individual needs.

  • Teachers, administrators, parents, students, and community utilize a team approach to share the responsibility for student success.

  • Students are encouraged to develop basic skills necessary to become confident, self-directed, life-long learners.

Purpose Statement:

Our purpose is to produce life-long learners.It is essential for students to be active learning participants, engaged in learning activities, and eager to learn. We believe the most effective way to promote life-long learning is by organizing and structuring lessons that advance students through academic content in a real-world, relevant manner. At West Leesville Elementary, you will discover a positive, caring environment where children are safe and enjoy coming to school. We strive to meet the intellectual, physical, social, emotional, and cultural needs of every child. Our belief is that every child deserves the best education possible; one that prepares them for their future.