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Welcome to West Leesville Elementary Library! 

We believe that reading is the most important part of education. The ability to read and comprehend has a direct impact on all other academic areas. Reading stretches your imagination; allows you to travel to foreign places without ever leaving your home; and increases your knowledge of the world around you.


West Leesville Elementary Library Mission Statement

The mission of the WLE is library is to provide the resources necessary to foster a lifelong love for reading and to build a foundation of information skills necessary for students to become productive members of society.


Library Staff  

  • Provide help in locating resources to meet specific homework and curricular needs.
  • Provide materials for pleasure reading.
  • Provide courteous and respectful service from all staff members. 
  • Keep accurate circulation records.


  • Return materials on time and in good condition. 
  • Refrain from bringing food, beverages and other prohibited items as specified in the student handbook.
  • Students are not to leave to go to the library in any classroom that has a substitute teacher. 
  • Pay any fines accrued.


Circulation of Materials

  • Books are checked out for two weeks. 
  • Report cards will be held until fines are paid and books are returned.
  • Damaged or lost books are the responsibility of the person who checked them out.
  • Water damage of any type will result in the patron paying the cost of the book. 


Accelerated Reader

  • Students will bring their AR folder to the library.
  • Students may test in the library only if their folders are correctly filled out.
  • Students MAY NOT test at home. Students must test in the presence of WLE faculty and/or staff.
  • Students may test on books outside of their ZPD range with their teacher's permission.
  • Students may not  test for other students.

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